If my imagination stops i will br dead. Its my imagination which keeps me living. For a not beautiful not intelligent not talented girl there is only right to imagine her life as a beautiful and succesful one. But in reality her life will be full of complex and taunts. The complex insider was planted by society who always made fun of her race her iq and her talents


What if whole society points their finger towards you and call you a “negro” or “annachi” (tamil people) only because you are dark. India is not a country of white people but those who are black and not beautiful have to face lot of taunts. She is afraid of going to a friends party, cousins party, family reunion or even a marriage because each time she went she always got humiliated. Every time she pretend of being stronger she fails and her eyes get filled. What if her brother sister and even her mother calls her by that name. Each time they take that name her heart gets shattered but no one knows… No one really care… Because she is not beautiful… And she is rough… They made her rough….

Love for a comrade

 It was his dance which made me fall for him.. I just forget the world wen He dance… I always end up in staring into eyes. His dance always touched my heart. Each tym he dance he gift me Goosebumbs .. I donno wat its called until i saw the other man, the comrade.. Wen i saw my comrade i understood wat i had for the dancer was not a love but just kinda worship lyk we have for celebraties.. How strong n catchy was his speech!! It was lyk bullet which peirced ma heart…  Red in his hand made me crazy.. Wenever he came to talk with me i wasnt able to keep a eye contact with him.. Wat i can hear was my heart  abnormally beating …beating for him…. I also became part of his organisation becoz each tym he requested to come i silently obeyed… How can i turndown his request!!! I know his eyes has many stories to tell… Kinda tension he face can be seen through his amber eyes… My shoulder always wanted to be his support …. I always dreamt   a day wen he come running to me n we sit  talking to eachother for hours with a single  cup of cofee … I donno whether he has ever noticed me… But each tym i see him my heart gets happy as never before… I jus forget all my sorrows wen he smile… Wen he once held my hand as part of an protest i was in cloud…such a magical moment.. I was always thirsty to tell him my feelings…but i always step back thinking wat if he turned down my request… I will not be able to bear that….. I juz want to hug him n rest in his shoulder for hours… He is my love…If its not love den wat it is

As everyone say youth is the golden era of lyf…yes its true….youth have many stories to tell…the one thing that we cant control in youth is the infatuations..infact the crazy infatuations…wen some have one man some naughties like me have many… For me smile n the character matters… I had many crushes…but i neva let them no that i had a crush on them.. Always crush happens for me at first sight..n from there starts the real fun….my besties, no my devils will start enquiry about him with full of excitement sometyms they r more excited than me…. But the actual craziness is peeping to his class room just to see him…actually boys always do dis..but girls neva do …atleast not in public… All the crush i had was perfect strangers excpet one… Crush being a stranger have  many benefits.. We can always gossip about him there s no fear of reaching the matter to him…becoZ there s no spies called common friends(i always hate dem😬)….can dream about first talk😍….infact there many….. So lets talk about the exceptional case…the crush inside my frnds circle…actually he was not my crush…actually He was the most silent boy of the class..such a good boy…i started to prank him….telling i love him….it was so much fun at first…he neva said a word against me…he neva got angry…such a gentleboy…i started to play with him wen the college started…but as the time passed i understood he was not that silent boy…he had lots of talent… By that tym the whole class started to prank him….i went to know that he had some talents i always adored to have….he was slowly changing as my crush….wen he became my crush i was no longer able to taunt him….infact i was not able to look into his eyes…may be he noticed but neva told anything….so many had doubted me of having pyarr for him….i accept i had a crush….but dea frns i neva have any feelings for my crush..thats the best n funny part of my lyf… I always keep a distance with crush becoz i neva wanted to have any feelings for dem😁

Story of a teenager

Youth is the best phase of life…ya it is…but being a girl our needs increases….our mind travels behind fashion….and we often feel offended asking money from our parents… We have number of things in our bucket list… Makeup dress food accessories everything have a place in it.. And if u are a college student like me, most of us will not have a income… And as a result our bucket will get shorter… And the funny fact is always we feel our bucket is smaller and the list is larger😂